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Welcome to Cybergrunge.net [formerly known as SUSPICION.ONLINE] the ONLY official internet home of the innovative Multimedia art movement of Cybernetic Grunge. We are accepting release submissions for multimedia artworks including images, video and audio.

We offer free hosting for independent artists as an alternative to corporate capitalist SCUM.

Please browse the Downloadable Resources for art and music, including source images for collage, Soundfonts, VST plugins, wav samples and more.

Cybergrunge.net Chatroom

Various tools and interesting html, php, javascript and Processing experiments:

Automatic Cybergrunge Art Generator

Random Collage Generator
javascript Bitmap Array Scroller

You may also find of interest the SEELE official Etsy store where we sell handmade Post Apocalyptic Grunge Synthesizers, Effects, as well as artworks and other merchandise.

The ARCHIVE of SEELE official works is available at the link below.

SEELEofficial archives

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