test111: ~!~ chat log will refresh in 300 bytes ~!~
test111: this is a test
ellievoyyd: okay cool
test112: this is a different test
hellomynameistest: hey look im testing things again
~*PrincessEllie*~: a
~*PrincessEllie*~: f
~*PrincessEllie*~: f
myballsackHURTSouch: e
yamlynn: how do i change my colors if i forgot 2 do it
myballsackHURTSouch: oh you have to change them when u sign up for an account
myballsackHURTSouch: i havent like added a way to change your colors after u make an account yet
myballsackHURTSouch: my bad
burnt-feathers: hi chatroom
burnt-feathers: oh dang i didnt change my colors either i didnt even realize i could
Phantoma: Hi everyone!
myballsackHURTSouch: yo whats up
~*PrincessEllie*~: damn i really need to set up a session timeout haha
greathumour: hello world
Kil Gore Trout: eatin beans
~*PrincessEllie*~: sup
Kelso~: Hello Ellie
Kelso~: I am online
Kelso~: Swag Check Fam
Kelso~: luh you]
~*PrincessEllie*~: helo
~*PrincessEllie*~: i made an option so u can change ur colors now on ur user menu
~*PrincessEllie*~: hehe
trashbread: he-hewwo?
~*PrincessEllie*~: sup
~*PrincessEllie*~: ugh how do i make it update when ppl are inactive why is mysql so hard
trashbread: oof I wish anyone was online when I am
grafine.sextant: hi
grafine.sextant: this is the best website i have found since the death of my favorite pbpBB and proboard forums
grafine.sextant: let alone bbs
grafine.sextant: i am not a musician. but will try to make music and upload it for sure
grafine.sextant: checked the swag
~*PrincessEllie*~: thank you :)
Zillaz_god: Howdy
BOB_HATES_BAGS_2020: whats up
BOB_HATES_BAGS_2020: Zillaz ur album rules i made sure to convert them to mp3 so they work now
trashbread: he-hewwo?
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