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its really hard to run a fully independent website coded from scratch. and every part of the world wants to destroy this website because it is about TRUE FREEDOM and ART and not a bulshit corporate piece of shit like Bandcamp and Spotify so fuck off

Circuit-bending Guide


[ongoing] guide to circuit bending methods.

Make Your Own Distortion Pedal


Quick and easy distortion, easy to modify

$5 (or less) Synthesizer


Make a synthesizer with a cheap ~50c Hex Inverter

Music Production Tips & Philosophy


[ongoing] tips for mixing, mastering and more



[ongoing] intro to various components & principles.

My Story of Switching to Linux <3


TL;DR : i switched to linux 4 years ago because i am extremely poor and it helps make my old hardware run well, NOT because i'm a hacker or a tech snob!

Recommended sites

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An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java, C++, Python, Javascript and more. This is hands down the best IDE to learn to code with. You can run your code at any time to see what it does, edit your code and manage libraries, all from one interface.

Directory for tons of tools and apps!


A super convenient editor that lets you see your HTML/CSS in real time. Great for learning and testing

The free web host!!!

Suricrasia Online is a Toronto-based ISP staffed entirely by anthropomorphic sharks in maid outfits.

random obscure websites! very cool!

BBS Archives. includes .txt zines, vintage Shareware CDs, pdfs, early internet audio and artwork


Searchable archive of old web1.0 graphics! Awesome

dope website offering freeware VST's

Language Is A Virus

Tons of literary and creative prompts and tools / web apps.

CW: Strobing/flashing, nudity. A very bizarre HTML art website full of conspiracy theory stuff.'s maintainer and Webmistress is me, Ellie Voyyd! If you have bug reports, feature requests, want to contribute code or say hi, get in touch:

Discord: Ponkotsu-Ellie
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