The Artist: Self-Serious, Narcissist Fool

I will never pretend to be aloof, mysterious, profound.

I won't hide who I am, using the insecurity of others as a sheild for my own ego

Every artist puts on their fake little persona, and it is cute for a performance, for an evening.

But it becomes unbearable, after the venue closes and the night is over.

When the Artist, the Actor, the Performer, refuses to get out of costume, what a bore they are then.

I would assume, before the era of social media, there was a clearer distinction between the performer on stage and off.

there was a more clear line between performance/entertainment and everyday life.

Social Media has turned us all into actors, entertainers, performers, artists.

For artists there is no such thing as "off-stage" anymore.

You see your idols, your heros, and their stage persona, you buy into the lie that they are like that?

in entertainment, performance, fiction, there must be a "suspension of disbelief"

but so many people don't understand anymore, after its over you are supposed to re-instate your disbelief

Don't be like a child playing peek-a-boo. Your heroes and idols are lame.

Don't treat your audience and fans like idiot children.

You aren't actually like that. I've met you. You have fun, make dumb jokes, make mistakes, get embarassed,

you find both joy and suffering in life, you act and think both measuredly and rashly at different times

Then people wonder why music scenes are so toxic, art scenes are so pretentious.

this shit is corrosive to communities. I'm harsh, but not trying to be unfair, i just want to be very clear.

Like with a lot of the shitty activity that happens in the margins of society,

it is just a bunch of people struggling to make a living, for some people the gimmick pays rent.

but this is how capitalism corners us, and turns the "lumpenproletariat" into their henchmen
part of what allows it to work this way is that social ties are cut off, communities are dissolved into individuals
and the Law of Competition is implemented to every domain of life.

The "lumpenproletariat" are basically the NEET's, and this is how they are turned into shock troops for Capital.

rather than coming together in solidarity for radical action, they are divided up and pitted against eachother.

I can be kind of sympathetic about this, i understand how hard it is when you are backed into a corner

but some people are NOT struggling to get by, and they reinforce this cause they get off on it,

a lot of Artists are pieces of shit, well-off yuppies that are weak cowards only out for themselves.

A lot of artists scoff at the idea that art or music should be monetized.
Those are the artists with day jobs, trust funds, luck, good connections, Stockholm Syndrome.

Art and music is real work like anything else, and should be rewarded as such. If not by market sales, by grants,

because they contribute an inherent good to all of society.

The art and music industry must be nationalized to ensure this,

to ensure that the means of subsistence are universally provided, and to create a society on the maxim:

From Each According To Their Ability, To Each According To Their Need.

Artists, the "lumpenproletariat", need to work together, and they are in a unique position to fight and organize.

Many artists face a situation similar to many typically unpaid areas of work by women: childcare, household work

and various forms of work that have been grossly underpaid such as housekeeping, elder care, education, etc.

Artists, like other workers, work in a feild that is extremely stratified, extremely unequal.

This inequality is "intentional", it ensures the workers's anger is directed toward higher-paid workers,

rather than to the system itself.

The real determinitive factor of whether someone is an enemy or a comrade,

is not whether they have "sold out" necessarily, but whether they build solidarity, or try to destroy it.

it is whether they work with others to end capitalist exploitation or not.