A website to offer public benefits was established in 2019 by web-mistress Elucidated.Voyyd. For over a year or so, we have been providing online services to the public and to member artists. is a subsidiary project of CGRU, the umbrella under which member artists fall. CGRU is a foundation based on donations which provides grants and supplies to and SEELEofficial. As of December 30, 2021 we can report the following progress for CGRU and its subsidiaries:

  • now hosts 165 musical albums by various member and non-member artists.
  • has implemented basic style editing and content management for hosted authors
  • optimized URL generation for hosted albums.
  • finished development of a dozen or so audio plugins for music production.
  • has deployed 9 web applications: Random Art Generator, Chatroom, Sigil Generator, Bandcamp Calculator, UTF divination tool, Image Warper, IMGUR Collage, Gif Collage, and BandcampRedux
  • operations have allowed for 4 recurring donors in 2021 (average total < $18/month)
  • SEELEofficial Etsy has brought in $2,926 in donations to the CGRU Fund
  • SEELEofficial operations have deployed CGRU member benefits in the form of art materials to 55 artists
  • SEELEofficial has completed trial phases for AVR microcontroller development
  • SEELEofficial materials are confirmed to be featured at the Cincinnati Museum of Art in 2022

  • Looking forward to 2022, we hope to expand operations vastly and offer many more services and features. Some of our plans are:

  • Ally and collaborate with like-minded websites and projects to build a network of solidarity and revive the Web1.0 vision of a decentralized, democratic and free internet not dependent on Web2.0 Platform Monopolies.
  • Implement proper SQL database for all media files hosted on
  • Implement CDN for
  • Provide members with more options for content creation including the following:
  • BBS forum
  • Member Blogs
  • Direct Messaging and Notification services,
  • Visual Art gallery hosting for visual artists
  • A Well-defined Strategy of Destructive Integration with Web2.0 Monopoly Platforms
  • Update Album pages template to allow for a somewhat more advanced media player with seek and autoplay capabilities, as well as more Author customization options and better URI handling
  • Promote cybernetic philosophy and Grunge values
  • Offer streaming services and video content on and other platforms
  • Work towards making Libre, specifically by introducing as much code as possible and content into public domain, and ensuring source code is available. This is the scope of Phase Two as it currently stands. It is pretty narrow at the moment, and WebMistress estimates completion of Phase Two before Q3, although many goals are likely to be reached by the end of Q1.

    We have accomplished a lot this year, however operations still fall entirely under the volunteer work of Elucidated.Voyyd. If you know volunteers familiar with php, SQL, javascript, or any other useful skills, please direct them to the website or contact (NOT this email). Volunteer work can be done at any time, and there is no expectations attached, any help is appreciated.

    In 2021, operations have been slowed by difficulty in funding, so if you can, or if you know someone who can, consider the Donate option on the homepage to set up a one-time or Recurring donation to help maintain operations.

    If this is not an option, as always, word of mouth endorsement and publicity helps us greatly. We are committed to providing quality service to members and the public, and the larger the community, the more we can help!

    We are currently looking for accounting and fund manager. This position is mostly volunteer but can be paid on commission basis. please contact (NOT this email) if you are interested, it is a low-intensity position as most accounting is already completed by Elucidated.Voyyd, but some management help is still needed.

    Thanks for your time and support, and happy new year!