Hello internet traveller, welcome to cybergrunge.net. We provide free hosting for digital multimedia, web apps and other resources. Check some of the resources below, and browse multimedia works from artists from around the world. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Resources & Downloads

Sample Packs & Plugin zips

DJ Samples Vol 2.7zmassive corny sample pack from some really old torrent
LxN_gabber_Kicks-01.zip sample pack by LickNand
0LickNandLoops2.zip NEW sample pack by LickNand
2 Huge Drumkit Collection.zip drums from some old torrent
vintageWAV.zip goofy low quality WAVs ripped from various shareware CD's and coverdiscs
2000_Vintage_Tracker_WAVs.rarVarious single sample instruments for tracker music ~58MB
VST PLUGINS.rarVarious freewarez compiled by CGRU ~500MB
Vintage_Soundfontz.rara few of my favorite soundfonts

pdf and info

1824-us-contingent-election.pnginformative graphic
GCCAVRInlAsmCB.pdf (self explanatory)
U. S. Aids City In Fight On Influenza.html
VIDEO SIGNALS.pdfold intro to video stuff

Podcast Episodes

Trueanon213_NATO_GLADIO.mp3 Operation Gladio episode
211 - neoconned-001.mp3 good TrueAnon episode
215 - marching into madness.mp3 good TrueAnon episode

Various stuff

31x88 Button Maker.html [fork of Sadness' button maker]
Random IMGUR Images does what it says. CW: may contain bad stuff
coloreditor.html my HTML color picker using javascript
artGenCustom Image Glitcher thing
downloads.htmlFree LickNand albums plus a bunch of MIDI's i've made
Vintage_Digital_images.rarrecovered vintage ephemera ~117mb
20k.txt wordlist of common search terms
tinypic-cg6.rar tinypic dump
tinypic Batch 01.rar tinypic dump
objects.7z 0carina 0f Time dumped obj's and textures

Recommended sites

(These sites open in a new window)

for News: TECHRIGHTS.ORG , DemocracyNow.org


An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java, C++, Python, Javascript and more. This is hands down the best IDE to learn to code with. You can run your code at any time to see what it does, edit your code and manage libraries, all from one interface.


Directory for tons of tools and apps!


A super convenient editor that lets you see your HTML/CSS in real time. Great for learning and testing


The free web host!!!


Suricrasia Online is a Toronto-based ISP staffed entirely by anthropomorphic sharks in maid outfits.


random obscure websites! very cool!


BBS Archives. includes .txt zines, vintage Shareware CDs, pdfs, early internet audio and artwork


Searchable archive of old web1.0 graphics! Awesome


dope website offering freeware VST's

Language Is A Virus

Tons of literary and creative prompts and tools / web apps.


CW: Strobing/flashing, nudity. A very bizarre HTML art website full of conspiracy theory stuff.

Web Safety/privacy tools


A blazing-fast, minimal, ad-free, no tracking, customizeable Youtube interface


Fully encrypted chat, video and audio call, FOSS messaging protocol. People groan when you compare it to Discord, but it is way better and safer than Discord. I encourage everyone to read Cadence's excellent post about the myriad problems with Discord.

Privacy Redirect

Automatic redirect extension for LibReddit, Nitter, etc. Use these to view Twitter and Reddit without and account and without tracking.


fully private app/extension for your own personalized feed to follow: twitter, instagram, youtube, reddit, rss, twitch, soundcloud... almost EVERYTHING!

WaybackMachine Firefox Extension

Awesome extension allowing you to use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine easily and conveniently any time. If the site you're looking for doesn't exist anymore, find an old version. Also helps to bypass some paywalls

If you have yet to seriously consider switching to GNU/Linux, it is really crucial for safety, security and having control over your own computer, instead of letting Apple or Microsoft decide every little thing you can or can't do on the computer that you supposedly "own"...

Switching to GNU/Linux is not as hard as it seems, and you feel great logging onto your own computer each day, instead of merely getting to borrow your computer from digital landlords like Apple/Microsoft/Google. You can read my story of switching to GNU/Linux, and there are plenty of great tutorials around for how to do it.

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