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Archive of Works April 2019 - January 2020
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Made by Ellie Voyyd January 23, 2020.

Circuit Bent Speak & Math (SEELE Incantor)

Original style bent with no added parts other than buttons and switches, body contact and patch bay. Original 1/8" output or internal speaker, battery compartment added so that you can use AA batteries instead of C.In some modes, it will spew out nonsense almost infinitely, in other modes it will stay quiet until you push the kill, cycle and reset buttons in different combinations and orders, scrambling the memory in a unique way each time. The white patches also modify the way the pitch bend functions and sometimes will make it less of a pitch bend and more just a fading in and out of chaotic noise. Documentationincluded for the different functions and tips. It is a really fun device that you can learn to play as an instrument with some practice and patient listening - the more you get familiar with it, the better you get at responding to the strange cues it gives you, making it a very responsive and interactive device that learns to play you as you learn to play it. The display spews arcane spells and algorithms as you play.Normal functioning is also possible with all modifications turned off. This is the first of several Speak & x instruments SEELE will be producing, a classic version of the classic Incantor of Reed Ghazala with a SEELEofficial twist to produce some very harsh glitched sounds. Sounds awesome alone or through distortion and effects - an overdrive or compressor can bring out quiet glitches that are otherwise mostly inaudible.

Made by Ellie Voyyd January 19, 2020.

Cybergrunge Circuit Bent Dart Board Art Piece and Synthesizer.

This is an Art piece, as well as circuit bent noise machine. it can be hung on your wall conveniently when not in use. It is powered by two AA batteries. It features a pitch bend knob, a distortion/feedback knob and switch. The pitch bend goes to such an extremely slow speed that individual bits of the bitrate can be lengthened to a second long, resulting in bizarre LFO and FM synthesis when combined with the feedback knob. i have added three LEDs for extra visual aspect which flash with the sounds create.

Made by Ellie Voyyd January 7, 2020.

Semimodular 03

6+ oscillator synthesizer from SEELEofficial It features a small patch bay for the LFO and modulation, Voltage divider circuit to modulate all parameters simultaneously, multi position switch for different filter modes, and knobs and switches controlling osc mix/mod algorithm.

It is powered by a standard 9vDC center negative power jack not included. output is one 1/4" jack.

It is capable of having 3 LFOs running to modulate 3 oscillators, or having 5 parallel oscillators, and various combinations of frequency modulated or clean pulse/square wave oscillators.

one patch cable included. NOT compatible with other modular gear.The multiposition knob controls a simple self oscillating filter circuit, modified by the center red knob which also mixes cleanly / morphs smoothly between the 5 oscillators in various ways depending on the active mode.

Made with hex inverter chips and simple rc circuits. It ranges from drones and rhythmic noise to glitchy phase shifting sequences and pseudo arpeggios and harsh static and most things in between.

various circuit bent devices by Grimly,
January, 2020.

Made by Ellie Voyyd January 3, 2020.

MX20 Cybergrunge- Harsh Glitch Noise Synth 2020

It has many multi position switches and can create a huge variety of patches. It can function as a oneshot sound generator, a glitch noise generator, a dub siren type of sound, and three oscillators drone synth, a subtractive synth with filtering and all kinds of things between. basically it is powered by three oscillators, which are modulated together and mixed together via manual controls and then (optionally) sent into a self-oscillating filter before coming out.


Made By Grimly December 15, 2019.

spiral debil machine +++ circuit bent kids handheld vacuum +++

December 14, 2019. By Ellie Voyyd

Cutup Harsh Noise Generator 1991

features four oscillators, modulated in various ways, and two serial filters which can be resonant to the point of self-oscillation.

The knobs are interdependent and nonlinear so one knob controls multiple functions, and different position of one knob changes multiple variables at once for a huge variety of sounds.. It has a four-position rotary switch to change between different algorithms.The knobs on the left control volume and voltage supply, and mix between two algorithms. The antenna are sensitive to touch on some settings, not extremely so but enough to add some more difference in sound.

The synthesizer outputs an extremely wide frequency range all the way from just-infrasonic to just-ultrasonic, and features combinations of triangle and square waves depending on how it is used. The volume fluctuated for rhythmic sounds with dynamics, but can also benefit from being run thru distortion to crush the dynamics. sometimes at very low voltages and thus lower volume, the frequencies becomes very unstable and so it helps to run through some gain to hear those more interesting sounds. The multi staged filtering effects can allow a very smooth transition between ominous, low drones and buzzing and bright, violent and extreme noise

It is built into a vintage antenna. The antenna box has genuine, antique dust and grime on it still. Some components used for the synth are also vintage.

December 7, 2019 By Grimly

harsh noise circuit bent kids duck toy By Grimly

pitch bend distortion knob higher distortion/drone switch 1/8 jack output.

This listing was posted by SEELEofficial member Grimly on the SEELEofficial Etsy Store.

December 4, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Harsh Noise Device November 2o19

3 oscillators and harsh noise generstor with LFO settings and strange capabilities, power by standard 9vdc center negative power supply. sometimes does pseudo theremin effects. metal on the knobs sometimes function as body contacts.

Generates harsh noise, knob functions are nonlinear and interdependent on eachother. very lightweight built into vtg lie detector toy.

November 29, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Circuit Bent Soundboard Toy (scream, fart, airhorn, applause etc)

It just has a simple pitch bend and a 1/4" output added to it. When the pitch is set to extremely low it outputs weird bitcrushed beep sequences.

November 27, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

SEELEofficial Shaker With LP tone knob and internal Springs

1/4" output. a piezo mic was affixed inside of this knob enclosure torn out of a broken washing machine, and springs were attached inside of it to provide some slight reverberation to make more interesting feedback and percussive sounds. A cool stick i found is attached to the side.

it includes a tone knob for a passive low pass filter. Used by Death Circuit and 8am Records.

November 13, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Toilet Noise Synth

Built for fun, a simple Schmitt Trigger oscillator based synth with 1/4" output and powered by std. 9vdc.

November 8, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Circuit Bent Kawasaki Toy Piano

This keyboard has two knobs added, one which is a "clean" pitch bend, and another which is a "dirty" self-oscillating pitch modulation.

The original device has the ability to play and record rhythms and melodies, as well as eight note polyphony.

A 1/4" output has been added. The internal speaker remains on, because elements of the modifications require it to be.

A "panic" switch has been added in case of lock-ups. Only switch it on (to the right) and off again if you run into problems.

Very rarely, but sometimes, by using the "dirty" pitch bend to mess with the internal clock speed, and then quickly going back to normal while pressing different buttons, the keyboard will glitch and get locked playing weird drones and become mostly unresponsive. Sometimes the drones it gets locked into are cool though. Either way, any issues can be fixed by flipping the panic switch.

The pitch bends offer a range from normal functioning to almost completely paused, and as with most toys samplerate reduction occurs for added bitcrushed textures, enhance by its polyphonic capability.

Using the "clean" pitch bend very close to all the way down, results in really clean and helpful bass textures.

October 10, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

3x Oscillators FM Synth

This is a simple FM Synth by SEELEofficial, following basic schematic for Schmitt trigger oscillators modulated together in different ways. space saving power supply and 1/4" output jack are permanently fixed to it. Built inside of 2x4 block of wood.

Output is from the triangle wave channel of one of the oscillators that runs at low frequency for triangle wave bass tones, the knob at the top is to mix the other two "modulation" oscillators in, which are the other two knobs and do a variety of frequency and amplitude modulation. The middle knob has a push/pull switch which changes the type of modulation.

This is a pretty standard 3osc noise synth, it can be sset up in a way to do slow, LFO things and has a pretty wide frequency range, and tones can be varied between triangle and pulse waves. Good for drones and loops.

October 6, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Semimodular 01

Synthesizer built with scavenged parts..... 10oscillators, LFOs, filters, mini patch bay, atonal keyboard built out of phone dial pad. FM synthesis, AM synthesis. Always-on drone/texture improvisation mode or pushbutton gated mode. Built sturdy with scavenged wood and parts. 5 sliders, 5 knobs, 3 toggle switches, 1/4" male jack output. <=9vdc power supply.

September 23, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Circuit Bent toy by SEELEofficial

Circuit bent keyboard thing yeah kind of an older toy I found. I added an oscillator to it to trigger sounds. It has buttons and a switch added for a retrigger to make sounds constantly. The toy has two separate sound chips so you can layer the melodic sound on top of the "incorrect" buzzer sound which is the one with the pitch bend.Has body contact points for pitch bend. This is powered by two AA batteries and has 1/4" output jack.

September 8, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Circuit Bent Radio + 2x Oscillators

one oscillator has very high frequency range, one is primarily lfo. both can be combimed to create rhythmic patterns.permanently attached power supply. oscillators added w schmit triggers. no antenna. feedback mod added. gets very annoyingly loud on its own, and has headphone output.good for adding weird textures to dense soundscapes, or as source material for loops and fx chain. also good for annoying roommates and becoming was found without tbe original back to the encolsure so made a back panel out of cut up waste plastic.sometimes the oscillator will stop and you have to tap on the backto get the oscillations triggered again. this has never stop working for me afyer quite a few hours of use but be warned cause if the ic breaks it willstart melting. which is kinda cool because then durimg your set it well smell like melting electronics. cool haha<


August 3, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

PostApocalyptic Spring Reverb Box

The function of this is for live or studio use. Output is sourced from a piezo fixed to the springs inside, can cause some feedback at very high volumes. depending on the volume of the input, springs respond differently sometimes rattling if you use an overdrive before it in your effects chain. This device features several interlocking springs as opposed to just one spring, so it has a lot more abstracting effect on sounds.

June 5, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Harsh Noise Machine by SEELEofficial

This device produces a huge array of textural sounds from static and noise to modulated tones. It uses 5 oscillators, modulated in various ways, and some filters as well. here is a pretty long demo video that shows most of the different sounds that can be produced:The knobs are wired in a way such that they are non-linearly correlated - changes to one knob also changes the function of other knobs. the knobs also are nonlinear in general, so they modify multiple functions at once and different ranges do different things. It is built in a wooden frame. It is constructed from scavenged debris of post-apocalyptic America.

May 28, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Noise Mechanism - Echo Machine / Distortion

This device is designed with two functions: a modified vintage analog echo circuit, and an amplifier/ distortion effect, which are electro-acoustically combined in various, modulateable ways to produce textures and effects from harsh and intense to heady and bizarre.

The input at the lower right feeds sound to the built in speaker, which is mic'd, or directly sent out via a vintage multi-position switch, or feed into the echo machine on the left side, which processes the audio and either feeds it back out into the speaker or send it to direct line out located at the top left jack.Included is a piezo contact microphone with a spring or stylus end and torsion applied to ensure fidelity, which can be used to produce feedback or source material for the machine.

May 21, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Electroacoustic Bass Mbira - Surrealist Noise Intrument with Tone and Overdrive

This is a Bass Mbira with built in amp and overdrive, as well as both a low pass and high pass filter. It uses an extremely responsive piezo microphone with pressure applied such that it can pick up even the most minute sounds, and can pick up frequencies from regular contact Mic range, but also through filtering and mechanical design is capable of picking up bass and even infrasonic frequency ranges less than 30hz at high volume.

Most piezo mic'd instruments neglect design which allows bass frequencies to be picked up, so this Bass Mbira is a design which boasts the possibilities for low frequency sound.The Bass Mbira features springs which may be plucked and strummed, and which add some extra resonance and slight spring reverberation.The filters both have very wide ranges, allowing for specific control of the tone to either prevent or modify any feedback. Tone knobs, along with Extended techniques of scraping or Bowing provides a wide variety of sounds.

The bridge is reinforced and can be loosened to allow the tines and springs to be tuned and adjusted.Features a hard wired 12v power adapter and a 1/4" output. With the overdrive it can put out a VERY hot signal

May 20, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Cyberpunk/Postapocalyptic BlueLED Noise Synth

This is a small, simple synth. It features two primary oscillators, one low and one high, and descending ramp LFO's which can be faded together.

May 15, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

6 Oscillators "Gothic Blender" Noise and Drone Synth

This is a 6 oscillators noise and drone synthesizer. It is in fact not built into a blender.

Tons of possible sounds. The default is to have 4 oscillators additive, plus an on and off switch for an lfo and a sixth oscillator linked to mix knob. Using detuned oscillator mixing, harmonic distortion is possible. The oscillators have very wide ranges from bass to ultrasound which provides aliased noise. output is rough pulse waves

1/4" output. standard pedal power supply, 9vdc negative inside polarity.

May 15, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Oscillating Distortion Effect / Synth

Can be used as a stand alone synth or as a distortion effect. it does not have bypass as an effect. Various effects from fuzz, overdrive to ring modulation.

Features three oscillators, modulated in various ways, and an input which modulates the oscillators. Housed in recycled metal, built with vintage knob caps.

There is an adjustable photoresistor which can be turned on and off, allowing the pitch of one of the oscillators to be changed by light, which can on some settings provide a touchless distorted "wah"-like effect.

Features 1/4" input and output, light sensor with on/off switch, powered by standard 9vdc guitar pedal power supply - negative inside, positive outside.

May 11, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

3 Oscillators Mini Harsh Noise Synth

This one veers close into RF🗿〰️〰️〰️ frequency range at times, hypersonic frequencies that sometimes produce aliasing, white noise, heavily crushed and mangled pulse sequences, etc. Features vintage knobs and output jack. 9vdc negative inside pole, standard effects pedal power supply. ....☢📵☢📵

May 11, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Steel Brush Absurdist and Harsh Noise Microphone

An avant-garde contact microphone with a tone knob to reduce or modify feedback.

May 7, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Disturbing Surrealist Noise Instrument

Surrealist sound sculpture by SEELEofficial. Electroacoustic Merz spring and feedback instrument, a discovery unearthed from the depths of the Other Space.

Features a resonant body, built in amplifier and speaker for your practice and feedback effects, tone control slider / low pass filter, body contact effect on slider bolts,, and 12vdc hard wired power adapter, 1/4" output hack.

with the built in speaker the device can be used as a pseudo oscillator, the feedback it creates for itself can then be sent through effects via the output for strange effects. the springs are picked up via a piezo element which is pressed against the body with pressure from Inside and set up with 2 stages of lowpass filtering, so that the low frequencies come through very clearly; methods many piezoelectric instruments designs neglect resulting in a tinny, thin sound.

May 7, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

5 Oscillators FM Synthesizer

This is a fm synth with 5 oscillators, 2 LFOs, 2 low pass Filters making for pretty limitless options.The oscillators are modulated together in obscure and abstract ways, knob functions fluctuate and interact with each other. A huge variety of sounds can be produced, slow or fast rhythmic sequences, rich drones, crunchy stuttering sounds, cleaner additive synthesis for atonal chords, harsh noise walls. Built in an antique cigar box with vintage knobs. 1/4" output, powered by standard guitar pedal 9vdc, negative inside pole, positive outside.

May 6, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

Micro 2-Oscs FM Harsh Noise Generator

A small, simple synthesizer featuring two oscillators with various modulation options plus some strange and harsh filtering effects. Small standalone synth that makes great harsh noise, crunchy textures, wide frequency range, volume enveloping. Outputs WELL above line level!!! 4 knobs, 2 switches. 1/4" output, runs on a standard pedal power, 9vdc, negative inside pole. Sturdy metal housing, very compact design, made w vintage or recycled parts

April 30, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Nuclear Hex 01

⚡produces lots of timbres. features setting on the LFO to make veeeeeery slow long pulse patterns,〰️〰️ up to 🔟 seconds. Really good for drone music and surrealist atonal Alien music. plastic housing,,🚱 LFO controls pitch and a blue LED which guarunteed⚕ provokes somatic anxiety response,⭕ activates norepinephrine for ecstatic Ennui meditation ☯️♋and derealization via self hypnosis.♻️✖✖✖

April 22, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Not An Atari Punk Console

Shitty plastic box, spray paint, electronics0ld school shitcore noise rave box!!!!!!!☢☢☢☢This is a 4 oscillators Fm And ring modulation synth and effect. it can be used to process audio and as a standalone synthesizer. The 4 oscillators are synced. they modulate eachother in series. ♀️ flashing LED responds to input

April 19, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

4 Oscillators Additive Synth

Four oscillators built into a unique hand crafted box.The oscillators frequencies controlled by the top row of knobs and are added together with the second row of knobs which fade between them.

The bottom knob serves as a master fade, and the combination of faders results in filtering that changes the tone, aside from additive synthesis. Frequency modulation is turned on with the switch at the bottom which allows the 3rd and 4th topmost knobs to modulate eachother, whilst the other two can still also be mixed in for some very rich textures. Suitable for soft drones and helpful for backing textures, but also sounds great through distortion pedals and other effects. Runs on a standard 9vdc pedal power supply, negative inside terminal. 1/4"output. Optional stand can be added to make it stand upright, or just the box as is.

April 3, 2019. by Elucidated Voyyd.

V-Tech Talking Whiz Kid Challenger

A very rare Relic from the 1990's A.D., just before the Y2K bug put an end to all advanced civilization on earth. Features seven momentary pushbutton switches; Five toggle switches; Two body contact bends; Power starve knob, and fader knob between two ROM clock signals. Plus, two added LED's.Sounds vary from garbled synthesized speech, rhythmic or tonal looped static and voice, wild oscillations, atonal melodic instrumentation, momentary one-shot bursts of glitched audio, rhythmic or stagnant drones, hums, buzzes and screeches. This machine is capable of normal functioning without bends activated - although impedence is somewhat slewed. One of the more noteworthy normal operating features of the Talking Whiz Kid Challenger is a primitive step sequencer application - the "Music Box" application. While in normal operation, the power starve bend, sensitively tuned, can inject subtler, and less predictable glitches into normal operation. This method provides the most timbre variety for either live sampling or recording specific glitches to be sampled later. All bends are relatively reliable and consistent in what they do, but some of them will lead to a crash. When crashes occur, power cycling is not necessary, previous functioning can be reached simply pressing the "On" button.

April 2, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Experimental Noise Synthesizer

Clean pulse wave tones, gritty PWM or FM synthesis, every imaginable texture of radio static or gnarly, noisy drone. Features a built in strobe light that responds to the LFO.Output is one 1/4" jack. Lightweight, hand painted, featuring vintage knobcaps and made of largely recycled parts. Compatible with a standard 9vdc guitar pedal power.

March 29, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Noise Synthesizer - Experimental 4 Oscillators Synth

Four oscillators modulate eachother in various ways, frequency modulation and ring modulation. A really dirty op-amp active filter gives it a larger range of sounds, and two of the oscillators can act as LFO's. This synth can do really gritty walls of noise, crunching and chugging low frequencies, or semi-melodic rhythmic sequences by using both LFO's.

Apr 4, 2019 by Elucidated Voyyd.

Noise Synthesizer Lofi - 4 Serial Oscillators, FM and LFO Switches

Sounds vary from loud, Gabber-style distorted blastbeats, harsh walls of obscure static, harmonic-quantized pitch snapping, alarm-like beeps and atari-punk style PWM, to quiet, periodic crackles. Output ranges from low-passed, clean-ish triangle waves, quiet, high-passed noise. Sometimes output is VERY hot, sometimes very quiet, depending on settings. Fairly consistent "patches" can be returned to, but the frequency accuracy is pretty unstable. Schmitt Trigger oscillators used for synthesis. Hard wired power supply and 1/4"output.