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2{ You will do All that is in Your Power to spread the Philosophy of Cybernetic Grunge Research at all times to friends and colleugeas}

3{ You understand that matters Cybernetic Grunge Research data DOES NOT EXIST until it has been properly vetted and verified and as such you and any other entity are physically incapable of proving informationd about it to anyone, the genocide mongers the CIA, FBI, DEA, CBP, CDC, IRS, Corporate Board Memebers and Stock Holders, the Federal Reserve, etc. It is impossible to provide as evidence or information something which does not exist as it is under current research. The reason a thing is researched is because we DONT KNOW YET, so therefore it is impossible to disclose any Research Results which do not exist because the Research is currently STILL ONGOING. NON existent information which ahs not yet been understood or precived.}

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|Google is actively trying to silence and kill this website by flagging it as unsafe, if you understand this then share the website for freedom of speech and against the will of Google Murderers and Evil shitfucking pieces of shit that deserve to be fucking waterboarded (satire).

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