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CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files be destroyed in 1973.

The goal of MKUltra was to research methods of mind control using various methods including the use of LSD. Drugs have long been seen as an important part of international and domestic "security", an interest of the United States Military and other agencies. These agencies are well experienced in distributing drugs. the United States government intentionally worked with south american suppliers of these drugs to create a market for cocaine and heroin in the United States, particularly black neighborhoods.

The introduction of LSD into Berkeley California was another example of the United States government intentionally distributing drugs in communities, although because of various contingencies the people involved in the operations involving LSD and "paranormal" phenomena had much more pretentions of being "academics" or "scientists", and hence in the case of LSD, conducted follow up research into the effects. LSD was sometimes given to volunteers in a clinical setting, but it was also just as often (probably more often) distributed by individuals who were a few steps removed from the CIA and FBI (but still fully under their command).

We tend to hear about the horrific instances of inducing psychosis and schizophrenia on patients intentionally in attempts to "program" people to become some sort of "killing machine" or "super-soldier", or to force confessions, or even just to turn people's brains to mush completely so that they are no longer "valuable assets". Just like these instances, there are many other instances where the CIA and FBI distributed drugs into a market, and simply watched the results from a further distance, taking notes and seeing how, and which, drugs can be used to accomplish various objectives.

Nationalism-as-a-Service NaaS: Corporate Monopolies Claim to be Left-Leaning, But Are They?
Oceans Hotter in 2021 Than Any Time in Recorded History
Alabama Amazon Workers Win New Vote to Unionize
“Race-Neutral” Traffic Cameras Disproportionately Ticket People of Color


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ur gay

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