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_ About Us is a subsidiary of We provide hosting for artists of Cybernetic Grunge multimedia art, and various resources. was registered in 2020 by Elucidated.Voyyd. If you are interested in contributing to the development of the website and other ventures, feel free to contact

We will be updating and adding additional information about Our Mission Here in due time.

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We feel needed to provide, as well as other subsidiary operatians of C.G.R.U. for public use and not for profit in any way ever. any information you share with us will never be shared - likely they will never even be seen or used by webmaster as She doesn't even know how to do anything liek that other than send occasional emails. our chat logs are SECURE and automatically SHREDDED once they are gone they are gone forever. Our web host does not maintain them.

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An amazing resource for BBS Archives. includes .txt zines, vintage Shareware CD Rips, pdfs, audio and artwork from the early internet.

Music Tools

Various instruments ~58mb
VOL.1 ~100mb
Various freeware ~500mb
dope website offering VST's
dope website offering VST's

Art Tools

Vintage images.rar
Old raytrace images, recovered vintage ephemera ~117mb

TINYPIC archives (by ArchiveTeam)
curated by, these contain about 800 images each of selections from tinypic that were saved before the site shut down. They are used as source material for the random art generator.
tinypic Archive curated Batch 01.rar
NEW!Curated Batch 02.rar

HERE is a list of all images used for Random Art Generator. you can use a bulk file downloader if you want to download them all.

More resources will be added here when they become available.

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Various scripts/tools
NEW!(very slow) pixel-Masher

Random UTF-8 Characters
Random Collage Generator
javascript Bitmap Array Scroller

please read Terms conditions and .