• Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked
  • TECHRIGHTS.ORG MUST-FOLLOW blog about everything FOSS and tech!
  • Bill Gates Suicide Hotline Sells Data for Profit Our suffering = profit$$$
  • Xiomara Castro WINS in Honduras! Global South leads the world in Democracy!
  • Attorney Steven Donzinger RELEASED from prison! Fighter for indigenous south americans successfully SUED CHEVRON!
  • Nationalism-as-a-Service Tech companies pretend to be left-wing, but are fascists ( Fascism: capitalism on steroids )
  • The Philosophy of High-Contrast Design Low-contrast = Low-visibility = inaccessible
  • Oceans Hottest in Recorded History What are your plans to survive?
  • Alabama Amazon Workers Win Vote to Unionize! class war gets the goods!
  • Traffic Cameras Disproportionately Ticket PoC as if we didn't know?
  • Resources & Links

    CGRU Recommended!
  • Invidious Fast, ad-free, no tracking, customizeable Youtube interface!
  • Privacy Redirect Automatic redirect extension for LibReddit, Nitter, etc. Use these to view Twitter and Reddit without and account and without tracking.
  • BBS Archives. includes .txt zines, vintage Shareware CDs, pdfs, early internet audio and artwork
  • GifCities Searchable archive of old web1.0 graphics! Awesome
  • dope website offering freeware VST plugin's
  • FraidyCat fully private app/extension for your own personalized feed to follow: twitter, instagram, youtube, reddit, rss, twitch, soundcloud... almost EVERYTHING!
  • WaybackMachine Firefox Extension Awesome extension allowing you to use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine easily and conveniently any time. If the site you're looking for doesn't exist anymore, find an old version. Also helps to bypass some paywalls

    Neocities free webhost!,
    COOL links, Block Youtube Reccomendations with uBlockOrigin -
    Tutorial: Gratis apache TLS/SSL for a Debian VPS.........
    Jesse's Live HTML Editor [mirror],
    Keith's Gibberish Generator [mirror]
    Cybergrunge Github [not updated much because fuck microsoft/github]

    FREE Downloads
  • LickNand albums, midi's etc
    free music from LickNand
  • Vintage_Digital_images.rar recovered vintage ephemera ~117mb
  • 2000_Vintage_Tracker_WAVs.rar Various instruments ~58MB
  • Vintage_Soundfontz.rar ~100MB of random old school soundfonts
  • VST PLUGINS.rar Various freewarez compiled by CGRU ~500MB
  • Tinypic Batch 01.rar TINYPIC DATASET of (somewhat curated) images ~80mb
  • Tinypic Batch 02.rar TINYPIC DATASET of (somewhat curated) images ~80mb

  • Cybergrunge.Net - Various Flotsam

    This is the unorganized page of various free resources and interesting files.

    Sample Packs and other zips
    DJ Samples Vol 2.7z sample pack by LickNand
    tinypic-cg6.rar tinypic dump
    tinypic Batch 01.rar tinypic dump
    objects.7z 0carina 0f Time dumped objects & textures
    20k.txt wordlist of common search terms

    pdf and info
    GCCAVRInlAsmCB.pdf (self explanatory)
    U. S. Aids City In Fight On Influenza.html

    Evergreen Podcast Episodes
    Trueanon213_NATO_GLADIO.mp3 Operation Gladio episode
    211 - neoconned-001.mp3 TrueAnon episode
    215 - marching into madness.mp3 TrueAnon episode

    Various pages & experiments
    31x88 Button Maker.html [fork of Sadness' button maker]
    Random IMGUR Images may contain bad stuff
    coloreditor.html HTML color picker using javascript
    artGenCustom Image Glitcher