• Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked
  • TECHRIGHTS.ORG MUST-FOLLOW blog about everything FOSS and tech!
  • Bill Gates Suicide Hotline Sells Data for Profit Our suffering = profit$$$
  • Xiomara Castro WINS in Honduras! Global South leads the world in Democracy!
  • Attorney Steven Donzinger RELEASED from prison! Fighter for indigenous south americans successfully SUED CHEVRON!
  • Nationalism-as-a-Service Tech companies pretend to be left-wing, but are fascists ( Fascism: capitalism on steroids )
  • The Philosophy of High-Contrast Design Low-contrast = Low-visibility = inaccessible
  • Oceans Hottest in Recorded History What are your plans to survive?
  • Alabama Amazon Workers Win Vote to Unionize! class war gets the goods!
  • Traffic Cameras Disproportionately Ticket PoC as if we didn't know?
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  • Invidious Fast, ad-free, no tracking, customizeable Youtube interface!
  • BBS Archives. includes .txt zines, vintage Shareware CDs, pdfs, early internet audio and artwork
  • GifCities Searchable archive of old web1.0 graphics! Awesome
  • dope website offering freeware VST plugin's
  • FraidyCat fully private app/extension for your own personalized feed to follow: twitter, instagram, youtube, reddit, rss, twitch, soundcloud... almost EVERYTHING! great for having an overview of your favorite things and what is new!

    Various Tools
    Neocities free webhost!, COOL links, how to Block Youtube Reccomendations! - Tutorial: TLS/SSL for a Debian VPS......... Jesse's Live HTML Editor [mirror], Keith's Gibberish Generator [mirror] Cybergrunge Github [not updated much because fuck microsoft/github]

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  • LickNand albums, midi's etc
    free music from LickNand
  • Vintage_Digital_images.rar recovered vintage ephemera ~117mb
  • 2000_Vintage_Tracker_WAVs.rar Various instruments ~58MB
  • Vintage_Soundfontz.rar ~100MB of random old school soundfonts
  • VST PLUGINS.rar Various freewarez compiled by CGRU ~500MB
  • Tinypic Batch 01.rar TINYPIC DATASET of (somewhat curated) images ~80mb
  • Tinypic Batch 02.rar TINYPIC DATASET of (somewhat curated) images ~80mb