+ EXTRA edition- effect.
this uses three Either LP or BP filters, which are then run into their own small multi-fx.
then they can be mixed. uses mutli-fx like echo, flanger, reverb, distortion, ring modulation, and others.
the EXTRA version adds two LFO's which can be sent to different parameters. for huge variety.
It comes with some good presets, clean gui and no bugs, very happy with this one \<

Seele334 - this is just a normal synth
it can do microtonal stuff, comes with presets.
this is a new one from october 2020.
it has a minimal design simple.

05_MaybeVST2.rar -
this is a randomized synth with a lot of options
this one will fuck up your CPU if you try to change things while playing
it uses phase modulation synthesis options. has velocity mapping options and randomization

all of these were made using synthedit Thanks Jef for letting me use this great program.

Sad Amp1.jpg -
this is an effect.

it uses two parametric waveshapers, 4 bandpass filters PER CHANNEL .
three random "walks", which are random LFOs and has various mixing options.
This plugin creates really awesome gritty sounds.
05_Sad Amp.rar