This text is rather old and like most documents is not necessarily an opinion or agenda or manifesto, just a loose collection of thoughts that anyone might sometimes agree with and other times disagree with. The point of providing the texts is not to give a final answer or agenda, it is to explore moods and thoughts and "work through" difficult subjects.

The Artist: Self-Serious, Narcissist Fool

I will never pretend to be aloof, mysterious, profound... The "artist" is a disgusting, narcissist figure that i despise...

I won't hide who I am, using the insecurity of others to boost my own ego... Confidence is not the same as vanity.

The artist puts on their fake little persona, and it is cute for a performance, for an evening, but it becomes unbearable,

after the venue closes and the night is over, and the Artist, the Actor, the Performer, refuses to get out of costume and join the crowd.

I would assume, before the era of social media, there was a clearer distinction between the performer on stage and off.

there was a more clear line between performance/entertainment and everyday life.

Social Media has turned us all into actors, entertainers, performers, artists, everything about us is clickbait, just the headlines.

You see your idols, your heros, and their stage persona, you buy into the lie that they are like that?

in entertainment, performance, fiction, there must be a "suspension of disbelief", this suspension now goes on indefinitely though.

Don't be like a child playing peek-a-boo. Don't treat your audience and fans like idiot children...

You aren't actually like that. I've met you. You have fun, make dumb jokes, make mistakes, get embarassed, do dumb shit (really dumb shit)

You've said terrible things, you've shit your pants unintentionally, you've caught feelings over something pointless and stupid.

If your anything like me, as an artist, you also aren't really that smart - you just know how to make people think you are...

you find both joy and suffering in life, you act and think both measuredly and rashly at different times, you're human.

People wonder why music scenes are so toxic, art scenes are so pretentious - because all of it is based on being fake.

Sure, we are all fake, we are all "acting" to some degree, but a good actor knows when to leave the stage

A good actor knows that their absence from the set... can be just as important as their presence (marketing keyword)

Worse, for some, being an "Artist" is a petit-bourgeois activity, like going to the theatre or opera house was a century ago:

these "artists" use art as a bludgeon, as downward class war, a tool to signal their virtue, sophistication, intellect...

Some "artists" are literally petit-bourgeois and share the same ideology of "small business-people" or landlords...

The "margins" of society, where artists often fall, are very rarely ever spaces of radical resistance,

more often than not, they are the places where Capitalist Control and ideology is most extreme, most ugly,

the people at the "margins" are often mentally, spiritually damaged, even "broken" by their experiences as pariahs.

Often, the "margins" of society serve not as liberatory, but as prisons, or laboratories, where the

new terrain is being colonized, and like all colonialism, it is in these "developing markets" where the most

violent, disgusting forms of exploitation and cruelty are tested and refined, to later be brought back "home",

that is, implemented on a wider scale. Examples of this are gig work, infighting between political radicals...

I can be kind of sympathetic about this, i understand how hard it is when you are backed into a corner.

but some people are NOT struggling to get by, and they reinforce all the worst parts of capitalism, because they get off on it,

yeah.. a lot of Artists are pieces of shit, well-off yuppies that are weak cowards, only out for themselves.

On Monetization and Artists Working Together

Art and music is real work like anything else, and should be rewarded as such. If not by market sales, by grants,

because they contribute an inherent good to all of society... This has been recognized in the past, we should demand it be recognized again.

The art and music industry must be nationalized to ensure this, but until then don't give me some shit about "art should be free"

Many artists face a situation similar to many typically unpaid areas of work by women: childcare, household work

and various forms of work that have been grossly underpaid such as housekeeping, elder care, education, etc.

Artists, like other workers, work in a feild that is extremely stratified, extremely unequal.

They should work together to fight this inequality,

They should be militant in addressing the injustice of the economic situation in the arts and entertainment:

There is a myth that only a few Artists can become popular, successful, etc...

Like with everything under Capitalism, we believe that there is some mythical "natural" heirarchy, that inequality is "natural" and "unavoidable".

This is a fucking disgusting capitalist lie.

Ask someone to sit down and name the musical artists and bands they know of, it will take many people hours and hours to list them all.

Yet ask them to say what artists they listen to regularly, and they will list two dozen at most.

Is this "natural"? Or is it because of the way music is distributed on streaming platforms, because of the norms and habits that

have been formed by consumers over a lifetime? When it comes to analyzing life under Capitalism - nothing is "natural".

The real determinitive factor of whether someone is an enemy or a comrade,

is not whether they have "sold out" necessarily, but whether they build solidarity, or try to destroy it.

it is whether they work with others to end capitalist exploitation or not, whether they put their money where their mouth is,

prove themselves to be dedicated to a long, protracted struggle against capitalism, alongside other workers in solidarity.

Or, are they weak, selfish, ready to burn everything down, or sit back while someone else does?

Artists must renounce their status as "genius" creators, whos labor is more righteous or dignified than that of other workers.

No matter if this foolish idea is imposed upon them, or if they casually embrace it, the notion must be attacked.

Artists are workers like any other, and they should see themselves as comrades to all working people.

The painter, the musician, the performer, should all have comradery with the factory worker, the truck driver, the service rep and so on.

Cultural work is deemed "special" in that we have a notion that our emotions and ideas are part of some spontaneous autopoiesis,

We believe, wrongly, that it is our thoughts and feelings which decide our actions, and thus the world of ideas is "above" the material world.

In reality, our thoughts and feelings are merely retro-active justifications or rationalizations for events and acts which have already occured.

This being the case, what is the point of Art, of Music, of Fiction?

This issue has been addressed by many great historical materialist thinkers, and the clear answer is that the role of cultural work

is to invigorate and inspire working people to come together and fight for their own interests and against the capitalist exploitation.

However this result is achieved best is up to us cultural workers ourselves to figure out through investigations and experimentation.

Like how the factory worker can rise up with each other to seize the machines and property that they use each day,

repurposing these tools of exploitation in order to provide a decent living for themselves, their comrades and all others,

the artist should learn to rise up with other artists and seize culture itself,

repurposing the cultural weapons of capitalism and imperialism to provide hope and comfort to all comrades in struggle.