Cybergrunge Diagnostic Interface

i was brainwashed to be an artist - i was fed a delusion.
i thought that art meant something, that it was a passion.
that it connected me to a spiritual dimension of life.
That it helped me express myself and connect with others.

But That's not what the fuck Art is.
Art is a fucking psyop.

growing up white, assigned male, in lower middle class suburbs
what are your options in life?
in the time i was born the options were to go into a career,
in agriculture, contracting, trades like automotive repairs,
construction, maybe finance if i am "smart".

what delusion was i fed as i struggled with a mental illness,
screaming at people, cutting myself, attempting suicide,
shivering in terror and agony like an animal
was it something in the water? was it the pharmeceuticals?

when i went in to treatment - age fucking nine first suicidal outburst
then 13 and 14 - they tried to get me into art.
art as a form of therapy.
and so what i was sold first was this delusion that art can solve my problems.
that art can help me and make me happier, give my life meaning.
the pills werent working, the therapy wasnt working, so maybe art and music would work.
after all, these folks have read freud,

they accept that art is a way to sublimate desire.

in other words to ARREST desire.
to ... annihilate... desire...

This story is nothing new.
There are millions of people just like me
there are millions of people just like you
what are the odds we would meet
and fall in love?

i was sold the delusion (and yes, i payed for it.)
that we can make money from our art, our music.
spotify, youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook, instagram, etsy, depop
all of them feed you the idea that you can make money
make money off of the labor you put into your art.
but these are not neutral platforms of exchange
they are millions and billions of dollars - valued companies
they have stocks - shareholders.
they do not give a fuck about you or your art, your music.
they do not want to help you become independent as an artist.
as they claim -
what they want to do is extract value from you and your fans and make profits
every artist that makes some money is an industry plant to keep this scam going.

ask yourself one fucking question:

could it really be true?
what is the likelihood that 90% of artists that exist on these platforms
make dogshit music and art that nobody likes, and have no talent?
Fucking of course not.
The Entire fucking thing is RIGGED.
Whether it is an intentional psyop or not, the function is the same. All of this art,
all of this music, all of these things we pour our hearts and souls into, what do they really do?
They might make you feel warm inside. The might still contain some vistigial human meaning.
but for the most part - in the big picture - what they do is sell you a delusion
what they do is SCAM you.
STEAL from you.
REDUCE you to a consumer or a product.

And it doesn't matter if this makes you feel sad.
It doesn't matter if you care or not.
Because its still adding numbers to someone's bank account.
And no matter how you feel about that -
Those numbers have more power in this world than any thing you or i could ever hope to do.



labels inflate and manipulate charts like any good capitalist does.
they manufacture transgressive subcultures to destroy the counterculture.
Sprite and Nike turned the revolutionary energy of hip hop into a scam.
Elvis deflated the revolutionary spirit of Blues.
hot topic turned the trauma and angst of adolescence into a scam.
Dubstep got thrown into soundtracks for commercials within months of existing
even MTV and adult swim turned vaporwave into a scam.
The game is fucking rigged.
You will never be famous.
You won't even be successful.
You probably won't even make enough to get by.
And The Industry will make sure you don't.
If they Pick you - fucking run.
Because these aren't just assholes.
The music and art world exists to launder money for Epstein type figures, and worse.
Do you think that famous paintings get sold for millions of dollars
out af an "appreciation for the arts"?
No. It is money laundering
And for the small timers, your indie labels and alt scene...
it is a fucking pyramid scheme. Everyone is just trying to shit on eachother
Don't get invested
Do what makes you happy, but don't buy into these bullshit lies

don't choke and die on the pain.

because even death is no longer transgressive.

death is now a marketing tactic.
death is now an aesthetic, an object,
a commodity, a widget. Whether you want it to be or not.
because if you die
- whether you like it or not
- your death is COMMODIFIED. It is turned into CONTENT

And no matter how much it hurts to people who love you,
and no matter how much pain and turmoil is left in the wake
and no matter how much love and hate
is all wrapped up into any event,
nothing can change the fact that it is
turned into an incentive to engage on social media.

They always say
the best thing an artist can do for their career is to FUCKING DIE



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