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hen: https://x34.hjd.repl.co/
LickNand: sup hen
BOBHATESBAGSOFFICIAL: hakljdhlkhyaoiuyfo8o7r3wuoisehjiuewjfk
hen: whats up cybergrungers how is your thursday going
LickNand: whats up. we are hoping to hear back soon about a new house we are going to rent
Zillaz_god: yooooo
harshdoewall: ^^ Luv sent
harshdoewall: also really thinkign bout first run of Cishet on Radar merch metalcore tanks shitty impact full frontal 'YOU MAY BE THE BELLE OF THIS BALL BUT IM THE BOTTOM OF THIS BARREL'
hen: superstraight more like super fucking dumb as fuck
ted: please no curse word thanks
hen: ok "ted"
hen: no she dindt
hen: hey Lick Nand i bought the tarot logo shirt
LickNand: swagged out
yotzeret.sheydim: swaggy <3
yotzeret.sheydim: im gonna upload some music
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