Some useful tools for art and creativity provided by

Random Art Generator
p5js App with four different modes to generate random works of art that you can freely use. Utilizes ArchiveTeam's Tinypic backup of thousands of images.

Bandcamp Album Length Calculator
Bandcamp doesn't tell you how long an album is. What a pathetic excuse for a music website! Use this to find out the length of any bandcamp album.

A PHP implementation with GUI of minimaxir's aitextgen CLI for using neural networks to generate text based on a prompt. Uses VPS services for CPU processing of text generation.

Sprite Editor
A sprite editor to generate csv sprites (with customizeable and interchangeable palettes!) for use in an as-yet-undeveloped html game engine.

Ellie's p5js implementation of a "water displacement" effect that is much sought after. Credits to the Processing community for the code.

A very slow concept which uses random images as a brush to paint, inspired by the stamp tool from KidPix.

IMGUR Collage
Combines random images from the entirety of IMGUR into a very ugly collage. Hosted by

Free Associator
Takes an input of text and "free-associates" it based on words that either rhyme or are synonyms to the original text.

SEELEofficial Archive
A partial archive of synthesizers and circuit bent devices by SEELEofficial.